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Welcome to Iperen Connect™ – a portal site where we share plant nutrition and biostimulation expertise for your local use

  • Iperen Connect™ Library

    Iperen Connect™ Library is a knowledge collection of Van Iperen products and expertise, designed for you, our partners. It’s an accurate, easy-to-use online platform with a great collection of high-quality and ready-to-use marketing material.

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  • Iperen Connect™ Greenhouse

    Iperen Connect™ Greenhouse is an online, user-friendly program for creating fertilizer recipes for high-tech soilless greenhouses for a specific crop at a specific crop stage and under specified conditions.

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  • Iperen Connect™ Field

    Iperen Connect™ Field is an expert digital tool developed exclusively for our partners to create fertilization and biostimulation programs customized to the conditions of the grower.

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